About Us

About Us

Finely crafted wood designs inspire a sense of awe. Master craftsmen can transform a piece of wood into a work of art and many such pieces can be found in museums around the world. Wood carving has been around for centuries and the best pieces sculptured around the Middle Ages can be found in France, Italy, Russia, China and Japan. However, while bronze and stone sculptures can be traced back to almost the evolution of man, not so with wood sculptures as these tend to decay when exposed to external elements and are easily infested with insects and termites.

The lure of fine wood carving is however hard to resist. This is the reason why wood design and carving competitions are held around the world to keep this craft alive. Top craftsmen display their skills in these contests at the national, State or even community levels and the work that they produce are of high intrinsic value.

We at treehousing-competition.com are dedicated to keeping the science and art alive in the minds of the common man, both for those already aware of the intricacies of wood carvings and those who would want to know more about it. At our blog site readers will know about the various wood design competitions being held at different places so that craftsmen can also take part in them.

This is why we need write-ups on news, information and trivia from bloggers who are interested in this art and keep a tab on these contests. Most importantly, our focus is also on construction of wood tree houses. These are a common feature in estates with large wooded lands and serve as a retreat when people want to spend some time in quiet solitude.

We invite contributions from bloggers who have an in-depth knowledge about tree houses, their structure and how to build them. All this will be as per our blog niche and will be of immense help0 to our readers.